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Charlie and Bertha Baldwin were New England square dance pioneers from 1967 to 1986, and the first President of SDFNE.  A square dance caller and teacher, his spirit, energy, enthusiasm, dedication and love of the activity created togetherness in square dancing.  He was the great communicator for square dancing.  The library area of the Archive Center is dedicated to Charlie and Bertha Baldwin.  Organized as a non-profit, it has a membership of individuals, clubs and organizations who care about our dance heritage and want to continue on as a living legacy for the dancers of today.  We look forward to the future of increased participation in the activity.  Membership in the Foundation provides active support to help the activity create a greater visibility for future growth, creates pride in our dance heritage, and expands our horizon with new friends.  Our Archive Center, located in Manchester, New Hampshire, houses significant historical dance related materials and serves as an educational research resource,  that  the future may learn from the past.
The objective of our mission in establishing a library/museum is to acquire dance memorabilia items and to make our collection available for show, display and research.  Our purpose is to preserve the American Heritage of ethnic, traditional, square and round and social dance.  To this end, we promote the preservation of dance history through the numerous contributions of callers, cuers and leaders who have been involved in the activity along with club and organization documents as the square and round dance activity evolved over the years.
Recognizing that the square and round dance activity over the years has been driven by the actions of very special and dedicated people, the SDFNE has two annual awards given to local dance leaders.
The square and round dance history is all about people and the joy of dance.


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